Grading Services

When it comes to grading in Northern California, Paul Morrill Excavating Inc is your professional contractor for all your industrial, commercial and residential excavation and grading needs. We have over 30 years of experience excavating and grading the roadways and ground work throughout California. We use large industrial equipment and advanced technologies including laser guided equipment which allows us to excavate with precise accuracy. This allows us to complete projects much faster which eliminates costly and timely mistakes. Our fleet of large trucks and equipment allows to complete any size projects including long stretches of roadways and parking lots.
Road grading is the process of creating a flat driving surface by removing ground material. We use a variety of techniques from cutting the surface to back filling in order to grade a smooth surface free of pot holes and other irregularities. Our expert crew will grade any surface to our client’s specification of smoothness and shape. We take the time to do the job right so the finished product will last for many years to come.
We have the experience and equipment to perform both heavy grading and site fine grading projects. Some of our most common projects are large building pads, highways, city streets and all contour grading. In addition, we perform aggregate placement, aggregate finish and base rock for projects of any size. We also furnish and install road base and building pads for any size project including city streets and highways. There is no job too large for Paul Morrill Excavating Inc.
Heaving Grading 
      • Commercial and Industrial Site Excavation
      • Commercial, Industrial, and Residential 
Site Fine Grading
      • Contour Grading
      • Building Pad Finish
      • Aggregate Placement and Finish 
      • Base Rock 

Street and Highway Improvements
       • Furnish and Install Road Base